Friday, March 26, 2010

Mark Nagata Tours Vinyl Toy Factory in Tokyo, Japan


Mark Nagata and Yo tour Shimizu-san's Vinyl Toy Factory where you can check out the low-tech, labor intensive age-old methods in making your mini Eyezons!!! Very cool. thanks Mark and Yo!


Bill D said...

Could somebody explain this step-by-step? What happens when he places the filled mold into that unit? Does it create a vacuum?

toybot studios said...

i'm guessing, but hot vinyl is poured into the molds, it's then put into that water troft to cool it off a bit and then yes, put into that vacuum to settle the vinyl into the mold and take out air bubbles. then piece is pulled out of the mold.

Unknown said...

It is a shame that such a process falls to the way side for machines when clearly, only wise hands can make it work. Sad also that this process is dying, i wonder how difficult it would be to start in the states.

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