Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Saturday in Japantown

IMG_1888 400x533

It was a good day hanging out in Japantown with my daughter. I had been looking forward to picking up a few toys I ordered from Super7. The toys did not disappoint in person. The fuscia Akro is one of my favorite Akros. Can't beat the Mazinger Bigaro cause it's two things I love. I got to hang out with the Glenn for a bit and hear the latest toy gossip. My daughter and I strolled about Japantown, had a big lunch at our favorite Japanese restaurant and got silly taking pictures of the new toys.

It was a good day.

IMG_1890 400x533

IMG_1866 400x533

new Skeletor Mummy Boy!

IMG_1863 400x533

Vintage Kamen Rider Talker

IMG_1865 400x533

IMG_1867 400x533

IMG_1871 400x533

IMG_1870 400x533

IMG_1869 400x533

IMG_1876 400x533

IMG_1874 400x533

the best teri chicken wings in the city

IMG_1886 (2) 400x299

the most average California Roll is the city

IMG_1884 400x299


Anonymous said...

it was nice meeting you at S7 saturday..did you pick up the unpainted Skeletor mummy boy as well?

toybot studios said...

yeah, great to meet you too. would be great to get your opinion heard on skullbrain.

no, I did not get the unpainted mummy boy. for some reason, i'm don't collect mummy boys. I wish they were more fight figure size I think....

see you around. keep in touch.

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