Friday, January 09, 2009

Ashley Woods x 3A Toys Exclusive Membership WWRP Bramble!!

mini1_copy 400x554

First spied on the ever vigilante ToysREvil, we see new pictures of the Exclusive Membership 1/12 WWRP Desert Bramble. I gotta tell you, i'm pretty siked about this guy. At 1/2 the size of the original Bramble, this gus is gonna save a little shelf space. Available as part of the 3A Membership pack going on sale January 14th at 2PM PST. The mini gun is reason enough to get this guy. Seriously.

mini2 400x554

mini3 400x554


3177313266_f0aa98a294_o 400x235

3179476308_5d6774aeb5_o 400x218

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