Monday, January 05, 2009

Gargamel Gang at Grasshut January 9th, Portland!!

L1060247 400x565

Gargamel is coming to Portland!! January 9th, the gang from Gargamel are visiting their hippy brethren at Bwana's grasshutcorp for a toy show, an art show and new releases!!

2 400x300

The Zombie Ojo Rojo above is one of three different exclusives for the event!! Ack!!

Custom Globby by Naoya Ikeda of Gargamel.

3166305065_17739018fc_o 400x601

Custom Deathra

L1060228 400x528

Custom Tengu from Yokai Folklore.

L1060218 400x486

Lastly, Bwana will be introducing his new toy: Dolly the Dolphin. Designed by Bwana and produced by Gargamel of course!

dolly-proto 400x533

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