Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Gargamel Lucky Bags 2009!!

Gargamel Lucky Bag 2009

I think Gargamel killed it this year with their Lucky Bags. What the heck are Lucky Bags? Every New Year, some Japanese toy makers sell blind "Lucky Bags" that are sealed and you don't really know what you're gonna get. I believe traditionally the intention is to get rid of older stock that didn't sell during the year. It's a Grab Bag. Some good stuff and some not so good stuff.

Bucking the tread is Gargamel who usually produces new toys or colorways specifically for their Lucky Bags. This year was no exception and i'm really glad that I was able to get one from Super7 today.

Josh handing out the Lucky Bag goodness.

IMG_1772 400x533

Joe trying to decide which one he wants. Joe has mad toy karma cause he chose a bag that contained a one-off Zag painted by Kiyoka! Yes, it's ok to hate him.

IMG_1785 400x533

Here's Joe's Lucky Bag.

IMG_1791 400x533

Painted Black Zag in Thrashout Colorway

Gargamel Lucky Bag 2009

Here is one of the main reasons I purchased the Lucky Bag: Clear with gold fleck Gatchamecha with gold inner. Goldschlag anyone?

Gargamel Lucky Bag 2009

Gargamel's brand new wolf monkey mini: Rokoron. Beautiful

Gargamel Lucky Bag 2009

Clear green Deathra. What's not to like?

Gargamel Lucky Bag 2009

Thrashman in the same gold fleck clear vinyl. Note this is not the mini, but around 4inches tall and a bit more detailed.

Gargamel Lucky Bag 2009

Painted crouching mini zag. Love this little guy.

Gargamel Lucky Bag 2009

And the big surprise which made the bag: Biskup Pocket Helper! Wowie!! Glenn noticed it's not the same clear purple color as previous Pocket Minis, but slightly more pink. Beautiful.

Gargamel Lucky Bag 2009

Gargamel Lucky Bag 2009

Some other goodness spied at S7 today:

OG Frankenbrains

IMG_1777 400x533

Ooze Bat

IMG_1778 400x533

Clear Zombie Commander

IMG_1781 400x533

Giant Ceramic Cumberlain by Muntiki. Wild!

IMG_1783 400x533


Anonymous said...

Where is this Super 7?! Is this a grab bag we can order online? How much do they cost?

You run a great blog, btw. Really great entries. ~Quincy

toybot studios said...

Thanks for reading Quincy!

Super 7 is located in San Francisco. their website is check it out!

sadly they are sold out of the Gargamel Lucky Bags. There were very few and those sold out in minutes. $300 for the bag...

Anonymous said...

Damn... Gargamel really pulls through with good stuff. Apparently, so does Super 7. Congrats on your bags.

You ever buy direct from them, or is it always through Super 7? I've been to their (Gargamel's) site a couple of times and it's not very Anglo friendly... yet.

You going to the New York Comic Con or Toy Fair in Feb?

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