Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Toygraph Space Troopers Invade Super Festival 48!!

spacetropperspink 400x469

Super Festival 48 was last weekend and Toygraph was there in full effect with not one or two, but four (4) new Space Troopers. Looks like they used the Alien head design in a painted and un-painted Khaki set and a painted and unpainted clear pink set. I like the clear pink set the best.

CIMG0774 400x299

Toygraph wasn't kidding when they envisioned all of us building an army of these guys. now that I have one (over 20 of 'em I think), perhaps a bit more variety is in order. While we definitely love the different head designs, I would love to see more weapons and one or two new helmet designs. I think the Flying Saucer was a great idea, it's just that I personally think the design is a little uninspired. Some kind of smaller, personal hover vehicle, space motorcyle or something would be really cool. Just my two cents. Dont' worry Toygraph, no matter what you do, I along with mnay others will probably continue to buy Troopers until our shelves are full of 'em!

ryo19790509-img600x450-1231672089n1vtm77783 400x429

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