Monday, January 05, 2009

Many Many Many Mey Dynamite Custom Show January 9th, Super Festival, Tokyo!!

3167908081_a912789561_o 400x379

The Popsoda 6th Anniversary Many Many Many Mey Dynamite Custom Show is only days away! January 9th at Super Festival in Tokyo marks the first stop of this global tour. I've compiled shots of more custom Many Mey!!!

How about this Paul Kaiju Mummified version?

3149467486_b2134ab46f_o 400x533

Also the Master Paul Kaiju is custom painting a run of ten (10) of these Many Mey to be sold at the show! Wow!

3147554619_979bacbb46_o 400x352

3148386280_950347479a_o 400x542

3147554439_f5623cbf2f_o 400x533

Here is the entry from Matt Walker of Dead Presidents. I love the old skool lettering.

m5 400x396

m4 400x471

m3 400x548

Now what about Freddy Mey from the legendary L'amour Supreme. That's a real blade on his finger!

3146950496_32691db1b2 400x600

3146118655_5acc8d819d 400x600

3146951560_ed70fef315 400x600

I love the art on this entry from Scrappers

3144777384_231c736b31_b 400x533

A very scary Jack the Tripper from Triclops

3167420138_6899feb3e0_b 400x480

A boxed t-shirt to commemorate the event

3168738382_3491e1b9c0_o 400x364

I heard the show is coming to New York in February around New York Comic Con time frame.

manymey 400x568

I can hardly wait to see the other custom Many Meys!

3166587773_0a02a67bbb_b 400x591

1 comment:

krakit said...

Now those are some delicious
looking customs! I think
Matt Walker is using the
Rat Fink lettering very
well and in the same
spirit of Rat Fink.

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