Thursday, January 15, 2009

Did You Get Your 3A Associates Membership??!!

3A Membership

It's not too late to get your 3A Associates Membership Pack. It looks like they are still taking members at Bambaland Store. Here's what you get:

3AASSOCIATES membership

Each member will receive >

**Desert Attack WWRP Bramble, exclusive to 3AA. It will not be offered again.

*15% discount on 3A product at for 12 months starting January 17th 2009.

*3AA T-shirt

*Early pre-order status. An email with pre-order link will be sent out prior to the standard pre-order date for early ordering.

*Access to 3AA Club exclusive toys and esoterica.

*Membership card that will probably not get you laid but its worth a try.

*3A's admiration !

Shipping :late feb/early march. shipping is included in price.

Personally i'd get the membership just to get the new 1/12 Desert Bramble. This guy looks awesome.

3A Membership

3A Membership

3A Membership

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