Thursday, April 26, 2012

SKINNER x Jay222 H.P. Lovecraft Education Project: SHOGGOTH SLAVE...!


Wooooah!! as you may know, The Elder Things needed someone or some "Thing" to carry out their mundane duties and such...What does an Elder Scientist do? make a race of hideous amorphous and submissive slaves...a roiling mass of hideous subservient intent...well A Shoggoth can only put up with so many millenia of slavery and then uprising of course!! Shoggoth Slaves can get together and take over the massive psyclopean ruins just beyond the Mountains of Madness where they can hang out and eat the remains of Giant eyeless penguins and Elder Thing Corpses...This is a follow up to last months figure as they go together month we have a more humanoid figure that is going to knock your socks off..Jay 222 is kicking ass, as you can see from this sculpt...this figure is going to be more expensive because it is bigger...7 inches tall and heavy and wide...5 and a half inches wide...the largest one so will be $125.00 plus $15 for shipping, $20-$25 if you are out of the country...these go on sale Monday april 30th at noon!

via: SKINNER's Blog

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