Monday, April 16, 2012

Blade Runner FX PKD Blaster: Richard Coyle Kit


Here is the Blade Runner Blaster Kit from Richard Coyle painstakingly built by morpheusUN from Beautiful and impressive. I like his explanation of how "it's not an easy weapon to build, but... if you're a little skilled and.... have a LOT of time....ummmm, maybe....most of you guys can build something like that..." I take this to mean, forget about it. you will never be able to put it together.

Full metal Richard Coyle propsummit LE PKD Blaster Kit Nr.33 , build by morpheusUN, with Blaster Core V3.1 installed .

Full review with pics :

Specs : 2x 10440 trustfire for 7,4v 2,1 mm recharge bort hidden in the receiver 2w Premium speaker inside the drum 5 leds in the ammo box 2 green 3mm leds on the sight rod for ray flash 2 x ultrabright 5mm red and blue (3,4v , 20ma ,18500 mcd ) for main flash and auxflash in the barrel rumble motor in the grip section

Thanks Harmond for the heads up!

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