Thursday, November 03, 2011

The Future is Here.... Well... Not Quite: RYNO Micro Cycle

Ryno Personal Transport

So you see this thing and say: "wow, the future is here..." All those Sci-Fi and Anime movies with the crazy Mono Cycles and finally it's reality. Well, sort of. RYNO Motors Micro-Cycle looks the part. It's electric, But it only goes 15 MPH. Not even a scooter. It's a fancy Segway? I want to see this thing down the road at like 50 MPH or something. Hell, I can almost run 15 MPH. At $4,200, you can get a pretty nice motorcyle that looks futuristic and goes a lot faster.

Ryno Personal Transport

1 comment:

DrunkethWizerd said...

That's pretty badass. I'd ride one. But it would have to go fast as hell and cost a lot less than a cheap car.

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