Monday, November 14, 2011

CALLGRIM Deluxe Real Type WARP Bike Set

Callgrim DRT Warp Bike

Let the knife fights begin..!!!!!!

Callgrim and Riac face off on Monday, November 21st at 9:00 pm EST. Each Deluxe Real Type WARP Bike Set includes one fully painted production PVC figure and one 3-piece, fully painted vinyl WARP Bike.

There will be 2 sets available:
Set 1: Callgrim and his ride the 'Grim Reaper.
Set 2: Riac and his ride the Growler.

These Limited Edition DRT WARP Bike Sets will be $50 each.

Callgrim DRT Warp Bike

Callgrim DRT Warp Bike

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