Friday, August 05, 2011

Super 7 Destroy All Kaiju Crystal Mecha Cut Away Illustration by Matthew Allison

Crystal Mecha Cut Away Illustration

Everyone loves the vintage Japanese illustrations showing a cut away of the monster exposing the skeleton and guts. When I saw the updated cut away at SDCC of Super 7's upcoming "Destroy all Kaiju" Crystal Mecha, I was intriqued. Frank Supiot was kind enough to let me know that it was illustrated by indie Comic Book artist Matthew Allison who writes the Calamity of Challenge Comic. Matthew is planning to illustrate all of the cut aways for the Destroy All Kaiju toys by Super 7.

I would like to see some kind of insert created to put inside a clear version of Crystal Mecha.


Televex said...

This looks great. I love his work.

Anonymous said...

That's just a bullmark mecha godzilla with an acrylic gem stuck on for the head. $10 says it's csat right off original vintage toys and found objects.

And the drawing isn't that guys usual style at all... The illustration style is that of shigeru mizuki and others that illustrated 1960's and 1970's show books that revealed the "technology" or "biology" of the characters and explained their inner workings..

So not only is the toy not remotely original or unique other than barely avoiding a copyright legal case, but the drawings are also a bitten off style from someone else's hard work too.

Least original stuff on both fronts EVER. Biting isn't cool... WTF. Don't give nods to bullshit.


Casper said...

I can't say anything as to the originality/unoriginality of the sculpt but cutaways are not a 'style' to be 'bitten,' cutaway diagrams have been used for centuries for everything from human anatomy to buildings to vehicles. They don't originate with this drawing, no, but they also don't originate with the work you've mentioned either.

The internal life of the figure to me seems in line with Allison's work, and so I disagree with you there too. The figure itself though... I'm no scientist but I'm pretty sure it's in keeping with virtually every cutaway ever made, from the Thunderbirds books to what hangs on the wall at Ford, an approach definitely not unique to Mizuki or anyone else.

That said, certainly it all could be a nod back to the work you've mentioned but to say the art is a rip is just ridiculous.

Televex said...

Also, it is supposed to be an homage to those toys and drawings. I don't think there is any claim that they are anything beyond that.

Televex said...
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