Monday, August 29, 2011


BLObPUS x Hanawa

Period held: Until May 12 to September 3 September 2011
Venue: P-KOEN addition to the exhibition with a focus on painting monster many envisioned Haneda Hanawa, or soft vinyl that BLObPUS FINALLY, the main visual Jupon monster. Will it be three-dimensional monsters from this what the future? ! Mecha DOKUGAN sales were also exhibited in other custom Mr. Todd Robertson. University of Arts and the train station along the ring flanked by seven Meguro and noble as stylish as Komazawa the P site is a concept that candy-KOEN goods and clothing, such as four wheel drive mini-games Nostalgia Tuesday School Such shops are often treasure chest at遊Nda. Not even drink alcohol in a bar there. This time, I'm from the Gallery space in it. P-Koen 〒 152-0003 5-28-6, Meguro, Tokyo Himonya TEL 03-6421-1318 OPEN Lo eleven forty-five ~ 10:00 p.m. (closed Wednesday) Http://

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