Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Every Day Carry: What's in Your Pockets?


One of my favorite new websites is called EDC which is short for "Every Day Carry" It's simply pictures of what like-minded guys carry with them on a daily basis. Most of the blog entries will include a knife, multi-tool, flashlight, etc. It's interesting to see what gear others carry. The term "EDC" has morphed into a description of a way of life: To be prepared for the circumstances that life throws at you. Not crazy survivalist mentality, but on the way there. lol...

Here's my gear that hasn't actually made it on the site yet. I don't really carry all of this stuff exactly every day, but if the Zombie apocalypse came, this is some of the stuff I would certainly grab.


Samsung Focus Windows Phone 7
Tag Heuer Chrono
Strider SNG Double Gunner Grip
Gerber Multi-Tool
Olight M30 Triton
NiteCore E3
Lamy Swift Pen


Andy Chang said...

Dude. Total gadget porn. Spent an hour researching flashlights. So many cool knives too. The only cutting I do day to day is Amazon boxes... I really need a multitool and your Gerber looks great.

toybot studios said...

lol.... You're just like me Andy. I'm always looking for cools flashlights and knives. Recently found CountyComm. Some great stuff, but most importantly, cheap. Got a mid-breach pry bar and a pico widgy bar. getting some paracord to wrap 'em.

toybot studios said...

Andy, check this out. exhaustive flashlight review here:


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