Monday, March 14, 2011

Gargamel Mitari-chan for Japan Earthquake / Tsunami Relief..!

Mitari for Japan Earthquake Relief

Support the Japanese Relief effort by purchasing Gargamel's Mitari-chan. Gargamel will donate all of the proceeds to support the victims of the recent earthquake and tsunami. You can purchase one for ¥1,500 at Mitari Webshop.

Gargamel decided to support victims of Japan earthquake.
Our new character "Mitari-chan" on sale and all the sales contribute to them. Now we have 65 of "Mitari-chan" and 65 of "Mitari-chan (Obake Ver.)" Total 130. The price is ¥ 1500. If it's all sold out, we can send ¥ 1500 x 130 = ¥ 195,000 and "Your support" to the earthquake victims.

Even now, there are so many people suffering and dieing, waiting for help at dark cold place. We kept thinking about what we could do past 3 days.
And this is the things we can do right now.

Please support them.

Kaoru Kei Ikeda Gagameru
Gargamel Kiyoka Ikeda

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