Thursday, March 10, 2011

Halfbad Toyz FOEZ Line of 80's Inspired Action Figures. Sculpted by Steven Platt aka oOMoSOo

FOEZ Figure by Steven Platt

Just caught site of this interesting 4" resin monster sculpted by Steven Platt aka oOMoSOo for the FOEZ line of 80's inspired action figures coming out by underground toy producer Halfbad Toyz. While anyone that uses a "z" in place of an "s" is suspect, this line and in particular this figure looks very promising. If the paint application is anything like their TMNT customs, i'm IN..! Look for more release info next week.

collab with halfbad toys, sketch


Anonymous said...

Toys is spelled with an "s"??

Seriously though,thank you for the nod and a great article. These will come in a bunch of different colorways, as well as glow in the dark and hand painted.

More info soon.

toybot studios said...

lol.... thanks for the note. really looking forward to these guys. let me know when available. I'd love to take some shots of them.

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