Thursday, March 31, 2011

Trifecta of Timepieces....

harry-winston-opus-11 400x369

I like cool watches as much as the next guy. Here are three for you to choose from. If you have so much money that you don't need to ask or care how much this Harry Winston Opus Eleven costs, then it's the perfect watch for you. A ridiculous design that is so complex that it literally explodes on the hour to tell you the time. $250,000

Anarchy takes hold of the hours indication beneath the sapphire-crystal dome every 60 minutes. The numeral of the hour, assembled in the center of the circle, explodes into chaos before instantly reassembling as the new hour. It then remains still until the next disintegration. Instead of a hand, 24 placards revolve and rotate on a complicated system of gears mounted on an epicycloidal gear-train.

TAG Heuer Mikrotimer Flying 1000 Concept Watch
tag-heuer-mikrotimer-1000 400x471

I'm a TAG man myself, but compared to Harry above, this one is found a bit lacking. Regardless, it's the first watch to measure and display 1/1,000th of a second?? wtf? Do you really need to have that?

Citizen Eco-Drive Satellit Wave Watch
citizen-satellite-wave 400x358

ok, this Citizen is interesting. You never have to set your watch. It actually searches from the closest of 24 navigation satellites to set day, date and time. Handy if you travel often. Price TBA.


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