Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Coolest Mini Flashlight on the Planet? JIL LITE J2

hunsupark_808 400x400

I hope I shake off this recent flare up of EDC obsession cause I really can't afford to collect anything else. This will be my third mini flashlight on top of a recent titanium knife purchase in the last two weeks.

But look at this thing. It's a thing of beauty. A cross between a bullet casing, submarine and torpedo. It's the Korean made JIL LITE J2. It take a single CR2 Lithium battery, 80-90 lumens, one mode. Very basic. Nothing special except the design. Good looking design isn't cheap either. Basic stainless steel runs $150, heat treated rusty is $220. Special Edition above is $310. Special Edition Flame orange is $265. You can order yours from Simon by getting his contact info and ordering process at CPF Marketplace

I'm hoping for a second generation in the same size and design but with 100/200 lumen modes plus strobe. Instead of the twist to turn on, it would be great to see a clicky button on the rear.

hunsupark_780 400x400

Ji LITE hunsupark_867 400x400

J2_web_catalog_images 400x907

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