Friday, March 18, 2011

The Tarantulas Kaiju for Japan..!

Kaiju for Japan

I'm really digging this Kikaida 01 tribute from The Tarantulas. The pic above even has that 70's grainy look to it...!

I'm contributing this Choujinki Metalder custom Nibbler AKA 'Supernibbler Machine' to Troy Stith's Kaiju For Japan sale on April 22nd.. Thanks to Troy for putting this together !

Meanwhile nearly half a million people remain homeless as a result of the tsunami and need urgent aid - so please give what you can to help - links HEREon the Kaiju For Japan site or in the UK HERE

Just to encourage you to pick the piece up - this will be the last Nibbler ever released from the original resin mould created in 2008..

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