Friday, March 04, 2011

SKINNER and toybots studios Bromance....Dokuro King Print Available Now!!

skinner_king 400x524

Hey Kirkland!!! Hey man I hope things are going good for you... I want to take a moment and say that I am really humbled and grateful for the time and energy you have put into about letting people know that I'm around and I do art... Seems like only yesterday that you and I and Martin were getting drunk after the super 7 show at that karaoke bar!! Ha!!! Remember that!??? You bought me some beers!! I love you man... I'm going to release the dokoru king print on Monday but I'm taking orders friday but they won't be ready til Monday or Tuesday to ship... They will be 11x17 inches and an edition of 50... If the demand for an original 17x22 inch print is up then I will do a super limited run in a different colorway... If people want it... This isn't a crazy moneymaking scheme it's just for fans and people that are stoked on it!... I would be honored if you wanted to post.
Take care homey, skinner

I love you too Skinner...

Get your friggin awesome SKINNER Dokuro King print NOW. $25 11x17 color print eachCLICK HERE and lose your mind...

DOKORU KING!!!! infamous kaiju lord and now in print form!!! requested to do this commission by an obsessed dokoru king fan and now offering it as a print at his request!! I loved this guy the moment I saw him!! hes the OG skeletor!! and I tried to do him justice by putting him in an environment of destruction and netherworld power!! If collectors are up for it I am willing to come out with a super limited bigger, 17x 22 inch size in a different colorway but only want to make this at the request of real Dokoru King fans!! peace!!

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