Thursday, March 03, 2011

3A x IDW SDDC 2011 Exclusive WWRp Daywatch Heavy Bramble

IDWSDCC 400x606

I guess never too early for SDCC 2011 Exclusives...! In this case 3A x IDW Exclusive WWRp Heavy Daywatch Bramble. Continuing the tradition, IDW was the first to release a WWRp Bramble, they will be the first to release a WWRp Heavy Bramble. Daywatch Edition. Cool. Hoping someone else maybe Toy Tokyo will be releasing the WWRp Nightwatch Heavy Bramble at SDCC 2011 too.

We will have two 3A exclusive toys that will be available online and the show ( limited amounts for both etc ) more on them soon !

I'm down to get back on the WWRp train.


Anonymous said...

found one for sale

toybot studios said...

thanks, but this is just nuts. The toy retails at $80 and this dude is flipping for $400? c'mon....

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