Monday, April 12, 2010

Top 20 Toy Blogs Read by Spanky Stokes on Toy Break...!!

toybreak_tbs 400x326

BIG Thanks to John of SpankyStokes for dropping the love for not only Joe's Kaiju Chronicle, but also for yours truly. The segment was on the top twenty toy blogs that John frequents. Yes, I took a screen capture above right when John is mentioning TBS and Ayleen says "oh, that's a good one!". You can see George at the left thinking "who the fuck is that?" lol.... Thanks Toy Break...!!!


krakit said...

Your blog definitely deserves
to be followed by those
interested in toys.

by the way I'm the krakit that
called in and asked about what
they thought are the top 10-20
toy blogs to follow

toybot studios said...

Hi Krakit..! thank you..! That's awesome that you called in. I thought it was interesting spectrum of blogs. I don't follow all of them, but it's good to see what everyone else is reading.

thanks for reading and supporting toybot studios!

krakit said...

The thing I remember that
brought me to seek out
your blog was a Google
image search I did of
Buster Call's Beetlar
and your rock solid
photos stood out so well
so I clicked on them
which brought me to
your blog and I've been
enjoying it ever since.

Here's a list of all the RSS feeds
I've been following. I think it's
time to prune the list down.

toybot studios said...

wow, that's quite a list. I don't think I goto to that many sites, but there are a few i'm unfamiliar with so I better check them out.

thank you!

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