Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bubblegum Crisis Live! Circa 1989

Bubblegum Crisis Live!

Somewhere in Kichijoji circa 1989, a pair of young voice actresses are shanghaied into a photo shoot for an anime artbook. Oh, that Eighties hair-and-hardsuit look...

Bubblegum Crisis Live!

Above, "Priss" voice actress Kinuko Omori models a hardsuit designed by Fuyuki Shinada. Actually, the two shots seem to have been taken on the pedestrian overpass on the west side of Shinjuku station.

(Images courtesy the Bubblegum Crisis Live Only 1989 book)

Bubblegum Crisis Live!

Now here's some hot and heavy Kichijoji action. Akiko Hiramatsu, voice actress of Nene, posing alongside her virtual namesake as built by Ryosuke Takagi. This appears to have been taken on the roof of the old Artmic building.

Bubblegum Crisis Live!

Bubblegum Crisis Live!

via AltJapan

While were on the subject of Bubblegum Crisis, it brings back memories of one of my favorite all time posts




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