Sunday, May 13, 2007

It's Gonna Be a Big, Big, Big Toy Week!!!!


Wow, couple of big events coming up this week. Save your duckets cause this week is gonna hurt the wallet!! First up, unless you've been under a rock for the last couple of years, you know that Luke Chueh's "Possessed" figure is FINALLY being released on Friday, May 18th to great fanfare at Munky King Melrose Ave. 100 in the uber limited black and gold variant and 800 in the normal white with blood colorway. Watch out or you might trip over the flippers!!

Picture from Vinylpulse


The next day, Saturday, May 19th , we have Bwana Spoons signing his new Edward the Gator toy in this rad exclusive "Bloodbath" Colorway at DoublePunch. Hopefully Bwana will be bringing a few of this other toys and customs along with him!! Look for more exclusive photos of this cool colorway later this week!


Finally, also on Saturday, but thankfully at night, we have Super7's 3/6 Anniversary on Saturday, May 19th 7-10pm. We celebrate Super 7's 3rd Anniversary of the store and their 6th Anniversary as a magazine!! To commemorate this festive occassion, Super 7 is releasing three different size lucky bags featuring two (2) new painted Ghost Fighters and four (4) new sculps designed by Brian Flynn in painted and un-painted versions. You gotta get the large lucky bag to make sure you get all the good stuff.


If you're a serious collector and somehow can be in SoCal on Friday and then NorCal on Saturday, aside from travel expenses, you're looking at throwing down around $500 in toys for the weekend. This includes both versions of Possessed, Bloodbath Edward the Gator and the large Super 7 Lucky Bag. Were not even including any of the other toys you might buy while you're at these three toy stores!! Ugh, my credit card is warping already just thinking about it!!

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