Monday, May 07, 2007

Gargamel x Circus Punks Exclusive Set!!!


I'm not a Circus Punks collector, but if I was going to start, this exclusive Gargamel set would be the set to start with! In an interesting cross toy collaboration, fans of Gargamel took a hard look at Circus Punks and Circus Punks fans were introduced to the mighty mini goodness that is the Mini Zag. Its (one of) the best Circus Punks set that you (probably) missed.


Jennifer George said...

Dude, why you gotta rub it in? :)

toybot studios said...


Well, sadly...I missed it too! I was on the fence cause I don't collect CPs, then I tried to split the set with anyone. no takers and before I knew it...poof! they were all gone! oh, well. slow to the trigger get's you nada....

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