Wednesday, May 02, 2007

New Secret Base Bling Bling for your Zing Zing!!


Secret Base has gone Bling! Bling! with some new gold and chrome plated toys. I'm hope, hope, hope the Skullbees turn out better than the Barbarians cause the plating process did not turn out so good on those guys. Lots of blems and pock marks, etc. Chrome only looks rad when it's completely clean!!

Above and below we have the new Space Skullbees. Notice the font on the back is so Star Wars vintage 1978!


The whole Secret Base line-up gets the Gold Bling! Bling!


Secret Base is also releasing this sweet as jelly beans key chains. Those crossbones might stab you in the nether region when sitting down though!


Lastly, Skull Pirate gets the Berry treatment. Named "Berry Stomper", it's supposed to be in Hiddy favorite morning cereal's colorway: Frankenberry.



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