Thursday, May 03, 2007

BLObPUS Mini Docross!!!

blobpus docross mini

I LOVE these new Mini Docross figures BLObPUS is putting out. These coupled with the nice bite-size Kaijin BLObPUS figures he's also released recently makes me think he read THIS POST where I asked for more mini figures!

I'm digging the new Skull Toys colorway!! The new BLObPUS triple-headed dino sculp has me shaking my 3rd head a bit. I like it, but i'm put off by the recent rash of larger figures. I'm hoping he will come around and get back to his 4-5 inch roots and make super-deformed versions of his larger sculps!!

ok, ok, I can't take any credit since it takes many, many months from conception to toy production, but I could have sworn I mentioned it earlier on Skullbrain! In any case, keep up the mini figures and the original BLObPUS sculp!!


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