Thursday, May 31, 2007

New Real x Head x Super 7 Fungus Chaos This Saturday!!!


This looks to be good!! This Saturday, June 2nd at 11am, Super7 in collaboration with RealxHead will be releasing this completely new "Fungus" Chaos.


Super7 is proud to present Fungus Chaos!! This figure is 6" tall, cast in clear green soft vinyl with orange, white, and pink spray. The colors were selected by the Super7 staff and the final design was done by Real x Head. This figure will only be available through Super7.

Don't miss out on this moldy yet fresh new figure!

Available Saturday, June 2nd at 11am PST at Super7 Store, first come first served. $60.



1 comment:

greenery said...

That looks fun. Imma try to get this one or the GID one!
If you score one, please post pics!

Hey I got the Skuttle X double black! One of my favorite pieces so far! Fits in nicely.

Alright then --ji

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