Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Max Toy Co. X Cronic Exclusives!!!!


Oh Boy, you knew this was gonna be popular! When Mark Nagata from Max Toy Co announced he was doing a collaboration with Cronic!, we were all pretty excited and wondered what it was gonna be! In very, very limited amounts on each figure, the mystery was unveiled a little while ago and to no one's surprise immediately sold out to the Max Toy Co. club subscribers. Sorry!

In addition to the painted Cronic Maverasu you see here, there is also an un-painted BLUE clear Maverasu not pictured. Ack! I'm gonna have to say here that I think this Tie-Dye Haight Ashbury colorway is the best looking Maverasu period.


Mark and Cronic also did a fan-favorite Dorogami mini figure to match the original Captain Max colorway. See the "M" on the chest?? How cool is that??



And of course, what would a Max Toy Co. release be without a glicee print offering by Mr. Nagata?! I'm digging the print because it might solve the age-old mystery of what the Maverasu is holding in his four arms: eyeballs?


Great job Mark and Cronic!! I can hardly wait to see these guys in person!!!


Anonymous said...

i'll have to agree with you on this being the best mav colorway ever. i can't wait till this one arrives! oh and by the way, thanks so much for all these awesome blog entries and photos toybot, i check this site out semi-daily!

toybot studios said...

Thanks Clipper!!

Glad you like the blog. I appreciate you checking it out!!

you must be the 2nd guy that reads my blog daily! ;)

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