Friday, July 06, 2012

Ultimate Megatron Custom by frenzy_rumble

Ultimate Megatron (2)

from frenzy_rumble:

This is a commissioned piece for one of my most faithful customers, supporters and great friend. Leader Class Scale Megatron does not transform, but stands a towering 11" tall to the top of his head. A big thanks to RA88 for his rendition of Megatron and the inspiration. I based Megatron off movie stills combined with Josh Nizzi's Dark of the Moon concept artwork. Megatron is LOADED with details and articulation. Huge thanks to fakebuster for the shapeways 3d printed movie accurate shotgun and Megatron's right hand.

Megatron's articulation includes : ball jointed head, shoulders, upper arms (joint and swivel), elbows, forearm swivel, ball jointed wrist (right), double jointed fingers (right), ball joint wrist (left), claw fingers on hinges (left), hips, upper les swivel, kneeds, feet on giant strong ball joints, and toe articulation (yes...toe)

Megatron's eyes and head lights up brightly thanks to 2 3mm red LED bulbs which both lead to a simple on/off switch on his back, and easy-access battery right next to the switch. Megatron's shotgun fits snugly on his back and into a 5mm peg post in his right hand. His cloak was made using linen found at a nearby fabric store (they are worse than AC Moore & Michael's combined) tempered, cut up, and aged, then painted with many coats of clear coat which ensure it's form is kept (it's stiff!)

Ultimate Megatron (3)

Ultimate Megatron (1)

Ultimate Megatron (4)

Ultimate Megatron (close up 1)

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