Wednesday, July 25, 2012

MEDICOM Devilman Repros


Medicom Devilman Repros

Medicom is about to release two interesting Devilman reproductions from the 70's in celebration of Devilman / Mazinger Z 40th Anniversary. What do you guys think about Repros? For many, the 1972 Devilman repro above is grail material. One collectors who lives in Japan has mentioned that he's been there 20 years, and has NEVER even seen the vintage Devilman above. Wow. Are repros good or bad for the hobby? I suppose it depends on who you ask. Hardcore vintage collectors may scoff at these repros, but personally I think they are great. It gives the vast, vast majority of collectors the opportunity to obtain (a reproduction of) the unobtainable. But will the flood of these somehow diminish the mythical allure of these vintage gems? I don't think so. For those that have the original, they are still the real deal. But there is something to be said that perhaps somebody searching for the original will somehow be satisfied with the repros? Maybe, maybe not. Conversely, there are those that get the repros and are so smitten with them that their hunt for the original increases? perhaps. Regardless, i'm getting both of them. I hear they will be available for pre-order in September for ¥7,800 yen each.

Medicom Devilman Repros

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Anonymous said...

They're already available for preorder, placed my order a couple of days ago...

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