Sunday, July 17, 2011

Nistuff Gets a New Layout...!!

Check out the new web design of While I didn't mind the old design so much, it was difficult to navigate. This new design is much cleaner, but not much content yet. I learned of Nistuff when I discovered his awesome custom Onell Glyos figures. He's about to launch his own line of mini-figures and they will hopefully debut at NYCC. Check back here for updates...!!

What is Nistuff? is a site about stuff. All sorts of stuff; toy stuff, gaming stuff, movie stuff, art stuff, etc! There'll be reviews, news and random video stuff. This site will also function as a home for some of my portfolio work, comics, stories, toys/original figures and other stuff I/we create. There will even be guest reviews from time to time.

Ni buys a lot of stuff, it's just a fact. He appreciates stuff from mass market releases to the outskirts of niche market obscurity, and since we have the resources to bring you an honest judgement in readable (and soon video) format, why not? It even might save you some money!

Ni keeps himself busy with a buncha different creative activities such as sculpting, html coding, painting, graphic design, photoshopping, doodling, etc.

You can contact Ni at

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