Monday, September 06, 2010

Secret Base x Convex x Sanrio x Doarat?? wtf?

Doarat-x-Hello-Kitty-x-Secret-Base-x-Convex-T-Shirt-Black-2 400x480

The Japanese love their collaborations. In this case, we have a four way collab on a t-shirt. yes a t-shirt. It's Secret Base x Convex x Doarat x Hello Kitty. lol... That's a lot of designing power for one t-shirt. Still, i'm sure it will sell like crazy. You can get yours at EPROZE for 5,040 Yen each. Comes in Black or white. I still would like to see a Hello Kitty Figure with a removable Secret Base Skull Bee suit of some kind. I also wouldn't mind seeing a Convex Figure with a removable Skull Bee, Skull Brain, name your favorite fight figure suit.

Doarat-x-Hello-Kitty-x-Secret-Base-x-Convex-T-Shirt-White 400x480

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