Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Jhateball's Love Letter to Skinner, Gargamel and BLObPUS

"I love you Skinner"

Hateball, you and Skinner need to get a room. I hope Christy doesn't see this video.

Last but not least, I spent this weekend huffing dog farts and putting together this little video for you. Well, I actaully made it for Skinner and laid it’s bloody carcass at his swollen feet in hopes that he would be pleased. A token of my thanks for making such hideously righteous scarescapes. But! I figured I’d share it with you too…he’s sucked all the magic out of it…the soul is gone, sorry…but you are of course free to sit here for a few minutes and chew on the fat that’s left over.

Black Metal from Justin Hateball on Vimeo.


Here is what your other Lord and Master thinks of your video.
Faces of SDCC 2010

hahaha. Just kidding Justin. I'm just busting balls. Fucking rad video as always. Kiss Skinner for me when you see him. He's rad too. Read the entire orgasmafest at Mishka Bloglin


Jhateball said...


Thanks Kirkland.

toybot studios said...

lol....justin rules

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