Monday, September 13, 2010

Arbito Love....

The very first painted Patty Power!

This weekend was the release of the first fully painted production Super7Monster Family Arbito Patty Powers blogged here last week

To commemorate the event, Jesse painted up a few more one-off Patties that pretty much sold instantly on his web store. I'm hoping the green and purple below show up as a future Super 7 production colorway cause it rules.

4979641279_ac684dc808_b 400x496

Know what else rules? These Tanks Jesse made for SDCC that I ran out of money to purchase. More to come....!

4955123623_7e0ce1cbe8_b 400x367

More One-Off Patties and Tanks after the jump

4979641227_a134350a91_b 400x539

4979641413_401d8d2c2a_b 400x470

4979641351_2cf14657a3_b 400x501

4955123757_c89de7bba2_b 400x224

4955123727_e82ec78493_b 400x368

4955123685_c9c8486f7c_b 400x367

ooh..! How about this custom Patty Power by Bwana Spoons

4975527945_ba924ea75d_o 400x574

4975527997_21449d0c86 400x539

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