Monday, September 20, 2010

More Resin Toys from Paul Kaiju

EDIT: Thanks to a note from Dr. Dave who explains these are resin toys called Green Death by artist Brian Ralph.

Whoa..! what are these guys? Spied on Paul Kaiju's flickr. Whatever they are, they look awesome. Mazinger-esque / Devilman with skull faces. what's not to like. PK painted them for sure. but the casting was probably done by Waxbean Studio. These are the same dudes that did the Dokuwashi Mini Resins as well as the bootleg Stormtroopers I believe. Want.

Paul Kaiju REsins

PK making a little Biter Head for the Glyos Universe? Hope so.
Paul Kaiju REsins

Paul Kaiju REsins

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