Tuesday, September 14, 2010

RealxHead x Skull Toys Mutant Dokurocks Blind Bag This Saturday at Lulubell Toys

We've invented a teleportation machine. Well sorta. Lulubell Toys and Lulubell JP are super excited to present a fun little ongoing project!! From time to time, you will have the chance to buy your favorite toys at Japan retail! That's right, just like walking into a shop in Tokyo and buying one off the shelf.

It wasn't easy... but shaking things up never is. Deals were struck and hands shook. We've got some of your favorite makers on board and we are adding new ones day by day. First off is Gaikotsu Shokai's Mutant Dokorocks. The hits just keep coming after that.

While we can't recreate the line that forms to score some of the sweet treats, we can promise if you don't show up on time you'll miss out.

This exclusive Mutant Dokorocks will drop Saturday, September 18th at noon Pacific. They will be sold blind bagged, with paint and scarf variations. Next Saturday, be sure to get your ticket & ride the ride!

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