Thursday, September 30, 2010

3A WWRp Reds and Frosty Choads Coming!!

choad1 400x391

Squads are cool. I like squads. Here are two. Part of the earlier pre-order ages ago. I think I was on that pre-order, but still missed the surprise window.

WWRp LM Frosty Choads set which includes:
1x Deep Powder Large Martin
1x Deep Powder Damn Large Martin
1x Deep Powder RPG Bramble
1x Deep Powder MK2 Bertie with shotgun
1x Deep Powder mini Square²

choad3 400x477

choad4 400x495

choad2 400x466

choad5 400x427

More photos of WWRp LMs , this time Red under the bed set, which was surprise set and included:

1x Big Red Large Martin
1x Big Red Damn Large Martin
1x Kruschev Memorial guard RPG Bramble
1x Kruschev Memorial guard Sabre MK2 Bertie
1x Kruschev Memorial guard Mini Đ«quare

rd3e 400x451

rd4s 400x511

rd1w 400x535

rd2m 400x293

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