Friday, May 29, 2009

SIC Kiwami Tamashii Hobby Japan Mail-In Exclusives!

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In case you haven't been keeping up, Bandai has a new SIC Series called Kiwami Tamashii. These guys are a bit over 6 inches tall and designed to be the "tweener" between the smaller Takumi Damashii non articulated trading figures and the original larger SIC Action Figure siblings. Translation: They are meant to be Revoltech Killers. I desparately want the clear Hibiki, but i'm not sure i have the patience to go through the gyrations to get one. I'll probably have to pay a bit more on YJA.

In order to promote the new line, they have this cool Hobby Japan Mail-Order exclusive:

First mentioned last month in Hobby Japan, this campaign features Kiwami Tamashii Hibiki and Ryuki Clear Color Edition., 1,000 figures each up for grab.

Participants are required to obtain three bar code stickers from the merchandise involved, paste them onto an official postcard with all necessary information filled in, and send it to Bandai.

The corresponding merchandises are:
* Kamen Rider Hibiki - Already released,
* Kamen Rider Ryuki - Late July release,
* Kamen Rider Knight - Late September release,
* Kamen Rider Zanki (斬鬼) - Late September release,
* Kamen Rider Todoroki (轟鬼) - Late September release

Spied on Ngee Khiong Via Tamashii Web

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I found this funny review of the first Kiwami Tamashii Hibiki figure from Vangelus. A bit long winded, but worth checking out.

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