Wednesday, May 27, 2009

60 Foot Tall Gundam Nearing Completion!!

gundam_legs_2 400x599

This insane 1:1 scale 60 foot tall, 35 Ton Gundam RX-71 is nearing completion in Odaiba, Tokyo. It should be finished in July in order to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Mobile Suit Gundam. Supposedly it can move it's head and lights and bells will be going off everywhere as it shoots mist from 50 points on it's body out at the curious on-lookers. This is some serious engineering. I would think for all the advancements we have today, this would be a real, working giant Gundam. I mean even just a little?

gundam_legs_4 400x320

gundam_legs_5 400x298

gundam_legs_3 400x599

gundam_legs_1 400x284

pics spied on ESPVisual via

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