Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rumble Monsters Nine Monkeys !!!

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I was pretty happy when recently Rumble Monsters started doing Robots again. The first RM toy I have is one of the earlier Entity Robots and I still think it kicks ass. At first, this egg shaped "Nine Monkeys" robot evoked a luke warm response from me mostly cause of the bland tan colorway. But this latest version in royal blue with orange details is a soon-to-be classic. The simplicity of the Egg shape with the cyclops eye and the slight mohawk on top is awesome. Now i'm torn cause I like the claw hands on the 01 version, but I also like the rocket arms of the 02 version. I may still have to wait for a clear version too. Thanks Wakahara for getting back to basics with these bad ass robots. Buy them now at Rumble Monsters Online Store.

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