Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Real x Head x Fully Visual: Lulubell Toys Metal Mini Fortune Cat Exclusive!!

fullyvisual rxh cats 400x335

Nice! I'm stoked about this release! I'm super hopeful that they are indeed the same size that the vinyl RxH Mini Fortune Cats. Unlike the Fully Visual Gargamel Mini Zags.

fullyvisual rxh cats

Lulubell Toy Bodega is proud to present RealxHead x Fully Visual mini Fortune Cats. These 2.5" little kitties have had a huge impact in their relatively short life so far. Finally, they have the physical weight to match. Dreamt up by Mori, designer and owner of Real Head Japan and hand crafted by Jamie from FullyVisual, these kittens will stand the test of time. Priced at $35 for silver, $45 for copper, $55 for gold and $65 for black nickle. If that's not fortune enough, one lucky cat lover will win a golden ticket redeemable for a full size 7" tall solid metal gold Fortune Cat. Good luck kitty lovers, see you at fullyvisual.com on June 3rd, noon pacific.

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