Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Preview: Super Robot Wars Super Deformed Dygenguar!

TOY-RBT-0665_01 400x349

When I first saw these new pics of the upcoming Mega House Super Deformed Dygenguar, I freaked out. They look so different from the PREVIOUS pics that I thought there was a new "Limited Edition" metallic finish version coming out. After comparing the pics, I think we either have a better photographer this time around, or he's better with color saturation in In any case, these news pics re-inforced why i'm so excited about this toy coming to my shelf later this month. Remember thi sis not a model kit thank God. It's a completed action figure. Friggin cool...

TOY-RBT-0665_08 400x371

TOY-RBT-0665_07 400x268

TOY-RBT-0665_05 400x307

TOY-RBT-0665_03 400x331

TOY-RBT-0665_15 400x381

TOY-RBT-0665_18 400x289


Anonymous said...

Is there anywhere i can purchase this online???

~ Christopher Natas Chiam

toybot studios said...

try or

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