Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Real x Head Flocked Gatchigon??

P1000825 400x533

And now this toybot studios exclusive update from the ever-roving correspondent Stealthtank coming live and direct from Aoto Town on the outskirts of Tokyo. Today we have two new prototypes from the mad scientist Mori Katsura at Real Head. First up we have the very first flocked RxH figure in the brown proto Gatchigon, secretly one of Mori's top 3 favorite toy sculpts he has released to date. So nice. Second, is an orange prototype of the new Mutant Zone Series 3 figure known simply as the Evil Bat. The sculpt is of the hero Mutant Evil after being possessed by the diabolical Organ Bat.

P1000824 400x533

Painted version of the Evilbat. Picture from Datadub. UPDATE: You can pre-order your painted Evil Bat right now from Lulubell Toys

thumbnail_evilbat%20painted 400x711

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