Tuesday, July 19, 2011

TRICLOPS at SDCC 2011...!!

Triclops at SDCC 2011
Triclops at SDCC 2011

Check out the SDCC 2011 offerings from our buddies across the pond at Triclops Studio. These guys are bad ass and make some great toys. Check them out at the Global Figure Symposium. Triclops will be featured with the rest of Team Europa on Thursday from 2pm until closing.

B.A.S.T.A.R.D's is out 1st attempt ( so bare with us ! ) at hand-made resin figs. 8 characters to collect, 36 pieces in total includin' the bullet-proof Tommy Tanker & the Bogball of Doom, BALLOCK !

Tanklopula ' Toilet Fresh ' edition. 9 pieces in total includin' 1 Minty Fresh & 1 Aqua Fresh editions - about we sold these. we know ;)
Triclops at SDCC 2011

Unbox goodies... on behalf of our gud friends, Unbox we'll be sellin' some Xclusive SDCC releases includin' Jeff Lamm's Stee-Gar & M5Bravo, iphone cases ( based on the Clutter cover he did, issue 15 we believe ) & a brand nu Patricio Oliver fig :
Triclops at SDCC 2011

Other Clops Goodies

We'll also have a small selection of Clops wallets, tee's ( in collab with AnyForty ) & sticker packs for sale.

Soooooooooo if you're in the GFS neighbourhood swing-on-by ! we're on Thursday afternoon ( the 21st ) from 2pm - 6pm #4937

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