Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hellion Gallery presents PDX vs TYO...!!!

PDX vs TYO Show

Holy shit.. talk about under the radar. Some of my favorite artists are having a face-off at SDCC 2011..!! Martin Ontiveros and Shohei Otomo? Need I say more??

JULY 21-24 - PDX vs TYO – A 9 artist showcase in San Diego during Comic Con 2011 featuring 5 artists from Tokyo and 4 artists from Portland. Gallery hours 11 – 8pm

433 3rd Avenue
San Diego, CA

Team Portland
Josh Clay
Blaine Fontana
Martin Ontiveros

Team Tokyo
Shohei Otomo
Taka Sudo
Ryuichi Ogino

Thanks for the head-up Martin..! This show is MUST SEE

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