Friday, May 28, 2010

Itokin Park Spring Color Lucha Bear

lucha spring color (1) 400x478

The Spring Color Lucha Bear is available for overseas orders.
2010 May 27th- 2010 June 10th.

If you wish to order please send the following information by email.Marble Color Lucha is $58USD+Airmail cost (When your address is understood, I tell you the Airmail cost.)

In the subject line please write "Spring Color Lucha Order"

In the body of the message please write
1. Your full name
2. The address you want the figure sent to
3. Your phone number

After we receive your order we will reply with more details as soon as possible. The figures should ship about a month after the final order is taken.


lucha spring color (3) 400x478

lucha spring color (2) 400x478

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