Wednesday, May 12, 2010

General Zoo by Fool's Paradise Artoyz Exclusive

dsc_65902 400x496

Thinking about jumping on the General Zoo bandwagon. It's an interesting toy from Fool's Paradise. It works with magnets as you can see in the video below and the various parts from different versions are somewhat interchangable. It's kinda cool, but it would be better maybe if there was some articulation? Maybe more variety in the parts? Armor, weapons, Headgear, etc.? Also at $180 each, it's pretty damn expensive. Awfully close to the DMZ line of $200. For this kind of money, it better be custom, vintage, die-cast and/or have LED's.

In this particular case, we have the Artoyz Exclusive Version which I think is pretty damn cool. Black and white armor gorilla body on one side, bloody skeleton on the other. The skeleton side makes this toy IMO. Limited to 54 pieces. Dropping May 13th? My french is rusty.

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