Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Amored BLObPUS??!!! WTF???

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Posted on BLObPUS blog are these prototype armor parts for the OG BLObPUS. Holy Shit. All I have to say is WTF. I didn't think BLObPUS could do anything cooler than the DX, but here we are.


By Yaro Sshi do?
Of these were not likely.

Temashita the right hand forget myself BLObPUS Dokuropatsu "Sukaruburoppu" is Will my BLObPUS parasitic organisms from having to BLObPUS they are manipulated, by varying the free form To help the predators and attack the enemy ... but I'm a guy I have passed the prospect of change in product appearance and first appearance in five years! !

The armed figure is not it? Some kind of strength! !

Snapping pictures and I can firmly prototype S strength are no problem as well. Do Atsukawanai They're not wildly throwing your child ※.
Garage kits only. This is an adult toy.

So "ARMORED BLObPUS" work hard towards commercialization Year.

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